The Attract and Convert Your Ideal Client Online Marketing Course

Grow and nurture your leads, sales, and conversions using online marketing.

Here's how the course works:


Get to know your ideal customers

Find where your ideal customer is online and gain the confidence to pick the right online channels to reach them 


Create effective funnels

Learn how to create marketing funnels to attract and reach your ideal customers


Learn how to optimise your marekting 

Understand how to improve what you're doing in order to improve reach and enagagement 

What’s covered in the course?


You'll learn about the tools that can give you more insight about your ideal customer including how to build and share surveys. 

Email Marketing

Make email marketing the primary channel for how you reach your ideal customers online! You'll learn how to set up and segment a list and drive users to a landing page.


Learn how to pros improve thier marketing over time through testing and optimisation. Using Facebook Ads you'll leanr what works and what doesn't.

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